Decuple NFT collections feature diverse artworks that provide significant value and real-world applications across the Decuple ecosystem's 10 projects, enabling users to reap substantial profits and rewards.


What are the Decuple NFT collections?

The Decuple NFT collections comprise a diverse array of artworks crafted by a team of seasoned designers. These collections fall into three categories with numerous variations, each playing a crucial role in the Decuple ecosystem. They are integral to the functionality of all 10 subset projects, empowering users to utilize them as they wish and reap substantial profits. These NFTs bring real-world applications and value to users, making them a valuable asset within the ecosystem.

What role do Decuple NFTs play in the ecosystem?

In the Decuple ecosystem, everything revolves around the 10 subset projects and Decuple NFT collections. These NFTs are designed to deliver significant value and practical applications for their owners, known as our VIP customers. Holders of Decuple NFTs can benefit from various financial and seasonal rewards, events, and perks. This fosters an interactive and dynamic environment within the Decuple world.

What benefits do Decuple NFTs offer?

Decuple NFT holders can earn money and passive income by staking their NFTs within the system or lending them to other users. These NFTs are applicable in various ways across all 10 projects, depending on the nature of each business. For instance, users can utilize NFTs on the Campifo platform for discounted or free flight and accommodation reservations, enjoy free transaction fees and periodic dividends on the Faxen platform, access high-class medical treatments abroad, and much more.

Who are the target users of Decuple NFTs?

People worldwide can benefit from Decuple sub-projects according to their needs and desires.

  • Cryptocurrency traders and investors can explore numerous features on the Faxen exchange.
  • Travelers can enjoy exciting rewards through the Campifo online travel agency.
  • Those seeking diversified and affordable medical treatment abroad can access significant services on the Medurism platform.
  • Manufacturers, goods sellers, and buyers can find a myriad of opportunities on the Brandstaking global retail online shop.
  • Crypto startups and early-stage investors can discover promising projects on the Opous crypto launchpad via Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs).

What unique features do Decuple NFTs provide beyond their artistic value?

Decuple NFTs transcend their aesthetic appeal, serving as a bridge between the digital realm and the physical world of people, allowing them to experience Web 3 in various real-life aspects. By introducing the “Stake to Pay” mechanism, users can stake their NFTs to unlock unprecedented features, enhancing their financial well-being and prosperity. Additionally, idle NFTs can be lent to other users, generating passive income through innovative monetization mechanisms.

How do Decuple NFTs function within the ecosystem?

Users can stake their NFTs on the platform to unlock numerous features and earn rewards through real-life activities. Alternatively, NFTs can be monetized by lending them to other users, providing a source of passive income.

What is the Decuple Genesis collection, and why is it significant?

The Decuple Genesis collection is the inaugural series of Decuple NFTs, released as the "Medallion of Power." This collection forms the foundation of the Decuple ecosystem, activating significant powers within the projects for their holders. Medallions of power are designed to be upgradeable in future Decuple projects. Comprising 50,000 unique medallions with diverse powers and strengths, some offer extraordinary features that are unprecedented. Owners can access high-class services in the crypto world, medical treatment, travel, tourism, gaming, and more.

When will the subsequent collections be released?

Following the Genesis collection, known as the "Medallion of Power," the Armor and Weapon collections will be released as the projects progress. Release dates will be announced on our social media channels. These new collections will build upon the foundation laid by the Genesis collection, expanding the ecosystem's reach and utility for NFT owners.