Medurism is an innovative platform transforming global healthcare and medical tourism by connecting patients with accredited, cost-effective healthcare providers abroad and enabling cryptocurrency payments and the “NFT Stake to Pay" concept.


What is the Medurism project?

Medurism is an innovative platform transforming the global healthcare and medical tourism industry. It connects patients seeking high-quality medical care abroad with a network of accredited, cost-effective healthcare providers.

What role does Medurism play in the Decuple ecosystem?

In the Decuple ecosystem, Medurism is essential, integrating healthcare services with the benefits of Decuple NFTs. This integration enhances the experience of medical tourists by offering rewards and discounts on travel, accommodation, and medical services, making Medurism a key facilitator in the ecosystem.

Who are the potential real customers of Medurism?

Medurism caters to individuals seeking premium medical treatments abroad, valuing quality, affordability, and convenience. This includes patients needing specialized surgeries, chronic condition treatments, cosmetic enhancements, and comprehensive medical tourism packages. Additionally, Medurism offers travel-related services, partnering with the travel agency Campifo to provide flight, accommodation, and reservation bookings for patients during their treatment.

What unique features does Medurism offer?

Medurism provides a broad range of medical services, including general surgery, orthopedics, cardiology, neurology, oncology, cosmetic surgery, and laser eye surgery, ensuring comprehensive care. Unique features include accommodation near medical centers and a medical concierge service for travel arrangements, medical scheduling, and translation services. These features ensure a seamless medical journey abroad, distinguishing Medurism in the healthcare tourism sector.

What benefits do Decuple VIP customers receive from Medurism?

Decuple VIP customers receive exclusive benefits from Medurism, such as rewards on flight and transportation bookings, discounts on accommodations, complimentary local transportation and food services, free tour concierge and guidance, and significant discounts on medical services. These privileges enhance the value for VIP customers, making Medurism an attractive option for their medical tourism needs.